Thursday, May 6, 2010

Kelly Rowland's "Commander"

Kelly Rowland has dropped a sick ass debut single for her 4th studio album. This time she worked with David Guetta, the genius behind dance hits such as Akons "Sexy Bitch" and man did he hook her up! The song is crazy, makes me wanna dance every time! Kelly was in LA on the shoot of her music video and she looked amazing!! I'm so happy she has come out with more music. I was a huge fan of Destiny's Child so it's always good to see each one of the girls doing what they love. Here are a couple pics from the video...looks like a futuristic theme.


Check out the single, it's getting me excited for the summer!!

Kelly Rowland Commander  Produced By David Guetta

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  1. <3 me excited for the summer also