Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Kim K Puts Reggie on Blast? Reggie Takes To Twitter To Expose Kim...

So if you guys were able to watch the season finale of Keeping Up With The Kardashians Sunday night, you would have witnessed a few phone calls between Kim K. and Reggie Bush that didn't end so well. In the first conversation Kim accuses Reggie of making her look like a "f*cking idiot" and telling him he "shouldn't have been texting wh*res" around her. Basically calling him out for cheating.

The second call Kim recieves is during lunch, where Reggie tells her to never charge a car wash on his account (Kims car was mistakenly charged to Reggies account, since they both go to the same place), and he tells her to "let Miles Austin pay for it"

Kim elaborated on everything and said Reggie had been constantly  sending her stalkerish texts her entire stay in NYC with Miles...going as far as saying that Reggie told her he "couldn't believe I was so close to buying a ring for a girl like you"......damn...

Well Reggie wasn't so happy Sunday night ,about the way he was portrayed on the episode and he took to his twitter page to vent:

incuding this now deleted tweet: I kinda feel like the government right now! Lol! Man if they only knew what I knew about you! Don't smile in my face and frown at my back...

Kim K. took to her blog earlier to respond to those who said that she put Reggie on blast...you can check that out on her blog here  Kim K

I do think it was a pretty shady move of Kims part, to air their business like that on television. She always talks about how Reggie and her remain great friends, but why would you show your friend in that kinda light? I'm just sayin...... What do ya'll think?

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  1. i thought it was weird to see them fighting! but it's not like i know what really goes on between them or what kind of relationship they have.*shrugs* if he didn't want anyone to know what he did to her, he shouldn't have done it to a famous person! lol