Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fall Street Chic

Blake Lively looks fashionably chic in the city. I'm lovin her DKNY plaid leggings

And Halle Berry is look FAB in her leather jacket, scarf and shades, a perfect look for the fall.

What do ya'll think? Whats your fav. fall look?



  1. love Halle's look, liking Blakes. I'm not feeling the plaid leggings. Although I love that pea coat. Fav fall look is wearing a pea coat with the collar popped, with some booties & tights, OR leather jacket, skinny jeans & booties.

  2. Love Halle's look. Gives me another idea for things to wear

  3. I think Blake has become too much of a clothes horse in GG - she lets the clothes wear her instead of the other way around :/