Friday, June 4, 2010

You are your own worst critic...

It's been an on going debate "Is she..?" or "Isn't she...?"
But leave it to Khloe to use humor to address the rumor.
When asked while watching her hubby play against the Boston Celtics, if she was indeed preggo she replied:

"No. I'm just fat."

Not going to lie, that's pretty harsh for the public to assume she's pregnant just because she gained a little Lb's. The mom [Kris kardashian] however did interject and added:

"If Khloe is pregnant, I would be the first to yell it. So, no, she's not—unless they're holding out on me, in which case they're both grounded."

We can only wait and see what happens. It's no secret that the couple does have a desire for little Lamar jr.'s and Khloe's having told reporters they 'want to.' But when she is we can only hope Kris sticks to her word and 'yells it.'

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  1. I was watching this too and thought her answer was hilarious.

  2. ahahaha her answer was brilliant! I don't think she is fat and i agree with you that it is a little bit harsh to thinks she is expecting, just because she has big curves!nice post Khloe cracks me up :D