Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nicki Minaj Is Going to be the 2nd Best Rapper of ALL TIME!

..........according to Kanye West. Yeezy was in New York, at Hot 97 radio station promoting the release of his new album Dark Twisted Fantasy. When asked who he thinks his biggest competition in the rap game is, he explained that the scariest person in the game right now is Nicki Minaj.........

He went on to explain that Nicki will grow to be the second greatest rapper of all time, next to Eminem.
"This is gonna be such a big statement, and such a big thing to fill: The scariest artist right now is definitely Nicki Minaj. I think she has the most potential to be the number-two rapper of all time. Nobody's gonna be bigger than Eminem

That sure is one big statement. Don't get me wrong Nicki's got skills, but I don't think she will touch Tupac' or Biggies status. 

Check out the interview Kanye West Interview

P.S Kanye has released a song today feat Beyonce and Charles Wilson, entitled See Me Now. Check it out here Kanye West feat. Beyonce & Charles Wilson

Love, love this song!!

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