Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Really Now?.....

So I was reading Cosmo the other day, and I came across Kimora Lee's brand new add for her fragrance "To be Edgy". All I could think is wow...why did they feel the need to photoshop the hell out of her?? We all know that Kimora just had a baby and that is NOT what her body looks like.... she hasn't been that size for years now. There's nothing wrong with curves, why does the media feel the need to make everyone stick skinny? I mean at least they could have been more subtle about it......I'm just saying.......



  1. If folks were familiar with Baby phat ads they would realize that Kimora always gets photoshopped like this and i'm very sure she gives final approval of the photos. So it's not the media it's Kimora who wants the photos like this, she's always photoshopped.

  2. yea i thought that ad looked ridiculous too.
    @ Tiffany: I don't think I've ever seen one of her ads look THAT photoshopped! lol

  3. LoL...That is so true, that doesn't even look like her at all :/