Saturday, November 27, 2010

Taylor & Jake a Couple??

I never would have matched these two up, but it seems like Taylor Swift is now dating Actor Jake Gyllenhaal. Yup. Can you say random! When I first heard about this couple on PEOPLE I had to look up Taylors age, because I could have sworn she was 17 or 18. But, to my surprise she is 20, which made me feel much better about the two!

The couple has been spotted spending much time together, and according to reports the two spent Thanksgiving together. Another clue indicating the coupless status was at Jakes Love And Other Drugs press conference on Saturday in Manhattan. He was asked about his relationship with Swift. and reportedlty became really uncomfortable and tried to dodge the question.

Very interesting.


  1. they've been seeing each other for awhile now...and im still not used to it haha

  2. yeah, not too sure about the two of them... but who knows?

  3. he's hott!!! wtf...she's...well?...i know kanye sure ain't a fan! :P