Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nobody Likes Chris Breezy

So Chris brown is out and about shopping, while a mob surrounds him and starts harasses him, calling him all sorts of names including "wife beater". Its pretty sad.


  1. i think that was ghetto and showed how low class she was because nobody gives us the right to condemn and she went past her opinion and condemned him that made me sad we should want a person to change rather we all to often try to keep a person stagnant!!!

  2. definately agree with the last comment!!

  3. im not even going to click on that. i saw both his interview with mtv (part of it...i changed the channel before it got TOO wack) and rihanna's interview with diane sawyer on 20/20.

    her interview was all i needed to see. ill always think chris is a good performer and im just so glad that rihanna is not broken.

    ugh the whole situation makes me sick to think about! lol