Tuesday, March 30, 2010

O These Krazy Kardashians

As some of you may have noticed, Robert Kardashian and Angela Simmons have been in close contact a lot lately, sharing everything from tweets to getting their mani/pedis done together. Numerous reports have linked the two reality stars together but both parties have insistingly denied the claims. Here are a couple of pics of them together recently, dodging the paparazzi.
Well, rumor has it this week that the two are actually in the works of a reality show, following their new relationship......surprising right? And who's clever idea was this you might ask......who else but the best pimpin momanger, Kris Jenner.This is a bit surprising to here about Angela, but I swear these Kardashians can't get enough of the fame. I'm not going to knock their hustle though, because you gotta do what you gotta do. Might as well milk it for all it's worth now because we all know how Hollywood works.....here today, gone tomorrow.

Will you guys be tuning in if the project goes through?


Monday, March 29, 2010

Brand Neww- Usher Feat. Nicki Minaj

Usher has come out with another hot track, this time feat. self proclaimed barbie, Nicki Minaj. The song is called Lil Freak and Usher is looking better than ever. I'm glad  he's coming back hard, Nicki is doing the damn thing too! What do ya'll think....you feeling the track?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tisk Tisk Mr. Knowles

I've always wondered where Beyonce gets most of her inspiration from for her songs. While dating Jay Z she has always come out with songs which make you second guess Jay's faithfulness. She is all about women empowerment nowadays. However, I've finally figured out where her inspiration is coming from.......... Papa Knowles.

Yup, Beyonce's  father/manager has been caught cheating. Earlier this year,  Mathew and Tina Knowles announced that they were parting ways and getting a divorce. Rumors suggested that infidelity was the cause, however there was no comment from either party. More rumors continued to surface the web stating that Mathew Knowles had sperminated a female from their hometown in Houston by the name of Alexasandra Wright, but nothing was confirmed.

Well, according to TMZ today Mathew Knowles is indeed the father, and has passed the DNA test with flying colors. Mr. Knowles has been paying $8200/monthly in temporary child support as they have waited for the results. 

I wonder if Beyonce will speak on this.  Wut a damn shame....


Chanel Iman Does Allure

I just love this chick!! The newest Victoria Secret Model Chanel Iman, has dubbed a spot in the latest issue of Allure magazine looking absolutely beautiful! She's been all over the place lately and I love it!

Vera Wang dress
Nicholas Kirkwood by Judy Blame shoes

Dress from Marc by Marc Jacobs
Shoes by Christian Louboutin
Bracelet by Assad Mounser
Dress, shoes, and handbag from Proenza Schouler
Dress from Thakoon
Shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti for Thakoon
Bag by Fendi

Dress and shoes unknown


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Bush Has No More Tush

After numerous rumors circulating about their break-up last week, E! news has confirmed that reality star Kim Kardashian and her NFL boyfriend Reggie Bush have split.  I guess the second time around wasn't a charm. Sources close to the couple claim that Reggie can't handle Kim's hectic schedule and isn't interested in the limelight, on the contrary Kim isn't willing to take a break.

Amongst the rumors, Reggie has been spotted all over New York City nightlife, and Kim has been in Miami filming Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami. Sources also add that they both remain good friends, and plans of reconciling aren't completely out of the question.

You gotta love those "close sources".

I'm just happy that fyne ass Reggie is back on the market :).


Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Pressures of Hollywood......

Recent pictures of Kristen Cavallari  have circulated the web, showing her looking noticeably frail. Some rumors have indicated that Kristen has succumbed  to the pressures of Hollywood, therefore resulting in using cocaine. 

 Whatever the case, It's just sad that all of these starlets believe that being a double zero is the only way anyone will think they are beautiful. I really hope the rumors aren't true and Kristen doesn't go overboard.


How Adorable

I thought these recent pictures of Kourtney Kardashian with her baby Mason, were so freakin adorable. She def. has that new mother glow and Mason is such a cutie! Here she is in Miami shopping for Kim K's rental ride while in Miami. She ended getting the new Maserati Gran Turismo convertible.

Who Rocked it Best?

Lady Gaga and Christina Ricci were both seen wearing the same Marc Jacobs dress. I would have to say that  it's a tie. Ricci looks absolutely gorgeous, and I love how Lady Gaga added a twist with a hat and shades. What do ya'll think?

The New Real Housewives of.........

Beverly Hills! Here is the first official photo of the new cast of Bravo's Real Housewives, at a Laker game. This time it's taking place in Beverly Hills and is filming right now. Supposedly Paris Hilton's twin aunts are a part of the cast. How do you guys feel about the new location?


Friday, March 19, 2010

Brandy's Still Got it

It's so hard nowadys to find a singer whose got that raw talent. With all the digital enhancements in the music industry.....I swear anybody could get a record deal.Yesterday  Brandy posted a video on her twitter page reminding us what that smooth R&B is really about. She did her own little version of At Last, which I loved. I'm really hoping she will come back into the music game soon.

P.S -She has a new reality series on VH1 with brother Ray J called A Family Business premiering on April 11th.

Let me know what you think about the video. Enjoy :)

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Who Rocked it Best?

Jessica Simpson and Reese Witherspoon were both spotted wearing the same L'wren Scott dress. Who do you think rocked it better? Are you feeling Jessica's belted longer version, or are you feeling Reese's simple version? Both things look beautiful, however I'm going to have to go with Reese. 


Summer Inspiration

Fabulous stylist Monica Rose posted this amazing editorial on her blog, and I'm loving these looks for the summer. The western feel and bright colors are  giving me so much inspiration!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heidi Montag is Moving Foward with her Career.........Without Spencer

Looks like Heidi Montag is starting to come to her senses, just a bit. In a recent interview with People Magazine, Heidi explains that she has released her husband Spencer Pratt as her manager. Spencer Pratt who has  been Heidi's manager for the past five years, is being replaced by, get this....a malibu-based  psychic by the name of Aiden Chase. Shes explains this rapid change:

"After the incredible experiences I have had healing my life and truly connecting to my dreams with healer intuitive Aiden Chase, I have officially asked him to become my manager.Having an intuitive psychic leading my team gives me an edge no one else has"

Great Plan.....

She even announces the fact that she would like to be know as an individual and no longer responds to Speidi:

"I am going to have Aiden Chase help manage my new life and career in a very different and positive way with light and love. The time for change is now. Never mix business and pleasure. We are no longer Speidi but Spencer and Heidi"

I wonder what Spencer thinks about all this, because we all know that he loves to control every aspect of her life. It will be interesting to see how this plays out in the future. Is this the beginning of the end for Speidi.....I mean Spencer and Heidi??


Sunday, March 14, 2010

To All of Our FAB Followers....

Pls help me with my marketing project and complete this quick quiz about Juicy Couture. Much Appreciated :)


Friday, March 12, 2010

Lady Gaga Feat. Beyonce Telephone Video

This video is quite.....interesting. I am in love with this song so I was really anticipating the premiere of the video. I had high expectations with this video because Beyonce and Lady Gaga as a duo is one dynamite team, however I must say that I was a bit disappointed. I didn't really like the whole concept of the video, and I felt like it was way to long. The fashion was killing it though. Check it out for yourself and let me know what you think. 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Looking Flyy at the Oscars

This year everyone was looking gorgeous at the Oscars! There were so many dresses that we thought were amazing, so here are our pics for best dressed.

Penelope Cruz wearing Donna Karen couture 

 Sandra Bullock wearing Marchesa gown

Cameron Diaz wearing Oscar de la Renta

 Queen Latifah wearing Badgley Mischka

Nicole Richie wearing Reem Acra
Jennifer Lopez wearing Armani Privé

Kate Winslet wearing YSL dress

 Demi Moore wearing Atelier Versace
 Anika Noni Rose, unsure what shes wearing
 Sarah Jessica Parker wearing Chanel  Haute Couture

Zoe Saldana wearing Givenchy Haute Couture

Congrats to Sandra Bullock and Monique for winning their first Oscar!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Solange Knowles is a Rimmel Chick

 [photo credit: googleimages]

Rimmel cosmetics has just announced Solange Knowles as one of three new faces to the brand, joining actress Zooey Deschanel and model Alejandra Ramos Munoz. 

Renato Semerari, President of Coty Beauty which owns Rimmel Beauty, is confident in the companies three choices:

“These three strong, successful and uniquely beautiful women will help ensure that Rimmel London’s image continues to be modern and globally relevant.”

This is a huge endorsement deal for Solange, and I think they picked a great candidate .Congrats Girl!


Friday, March 5, 2010

Love the Look

Actress Zoe Saldana is looking gorgeous at a party hosted by Louis Vuitton and Glamour Magazine to celebrate the mags "Most Glamorous Issue". She's been everywhere lately and I'm so happy with her success in Avatar. She deserves it!

[photo credit: msn.com]

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rihanna Performs with............. Robots?

I found this video of Rihanna performing at the ECHO awards in Berlin tonight, and I thought it was a bit awkward because shes performing with transformer like robots! Haha it's a bit different, but the performance of her single "Rude Boy" was still pretty good. She's got that shakin on point! Check it out.


Megan Fox is No Hook Up

[Photo credit: googleimages]
In a recent interview with Harper's Bazaar U. K ,Megan Fox reveals that she has only slept with two men in her entire life. These two lucky men being her high school sweetheart, and now boyfriend Brain Austin Green. This may come as a shocker for most people because of her colossal sex appeal however, Ms. Fox has never been into the whole hook-up for one night factor:

"I've only been with two men my entire life, my childhood sweetheart and  Brian.I can never have sex with someone that I don't love, ever. The idea makes me sick. I've never even come close to having a one-night stand."

One of the reasons why Fox hasn't had the urge to live a promiscuous life might be because of her role as a stepmother to her boyfriends son. 

"I am a stepmother to the fullest extent, I have looked after Kassius since he was three and he has no memory of life without me. For some reason, no one wants to look at me that way, but I am responsible for him and I've never struggled with that, from bedtime stories to the school run."

Sorry fellas


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Who Rocked it Best

Both Alicia Keys and Blake Lively were spotted wearing the same Balmain sharp shouldered mini dress. Ms. Lively wore the dress to an Emmy after party, while Alicia rocked the dress at the Brit awards last month. I'm going to give it to Alicia because I'm loving her shoes.Who do you think rocked it best?

 [photo credit: people.com]

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trey Songz HOT New Video

Trey Songz has managed to make another sexy ass video, this time for his single "Neighbors Know my Name".This video is too hot for words, so I'm just going to let you check it out for yourself......


Monday, March 1, 2010

New Dancing with the Stars Cast

So I just got done watching The Bachelor finale, and the new cast for Dancing with the Starts was revealed. I think the cast is quite interesting this season. The First person they revealed was Pamela Anderson which I thought that was pretty crazy because I def. don't see her as the professional dancing type, but I'm not gonna lie I'm excited to watch her dance. Other cast members revealed included Nicole Scherzinger from the Pussycat Dolls which I don't understand because she dances for a living...., The Bachelor Jake Pavelka,Astronaut Buzz Aldrin, Shannon Doherty, Actor Aiden Turner ,Olympic Gold medalist Evan Lysacek, NFL player Chad Ochocincom, ESPN reporter Erin Andrews,  comedian Niecy Nash, and your gonna love this one.... reality mom Kate Gosselin. This sure will be an interesting season!