Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lea Michele Does Marie Claire UK Magazine

Glee star Lea Michelle is the new cover girl for Marie Claire magazine, and looks absoulutley gorgeous!


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Lea talks with the magazine about her role on Glee:

‘The minute I read it, I wanted to play Rachel because I felt like I understood her, and that she was part of me,’ Lea gushes, of her character in the hit show.

Check out behind the scenes footage of the shoot

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Say It Isn't So

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For all you Rachel Zoe Project fans, it has been reported that Brad and Rachel have gone their separate ways. After the whole fiasco with Rachels old assistant Taylor, Brad became the head assistant of the Zoe team. Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end, and sources are claiming that Brad has decided to make a name for himself in the fashion world.

I'm sure going to miss the kid. Best of luck!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kelly Rowland Does Complex Magazine

The beautiful Kelly Rowland did shot a spread for Complex mag, and I'm lovin it. She always looks incredible!
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Here's a bit of her interview with the magazine:

Complex: So the big story with you is the smash record you had with David G.

Kelly Rowland: I love that! David G. [Laughs.] I have to tell him that.

Complex: That's what I call him. Has being in Europe so much changed your taste in men?

Kelly Rowland: Oh no, honey. For me, it's just about a very confident guy and someone who I can have fun with.
Complex: How confident? Does it matter who's dominant in the relationship?

Kelly Rowland: No. As a matter of fact, because I am so dominant and I am a control freak, I would go out on dates, order, pull out my own chair, and I would never see that guy again. [Laughs.]

Complex: Damn, they were that intimidated?

Kelly Rowland: I don't even think it's intimidating. I had a problem with letting a guy be a man. I don't have that problem anymore. I think it's incredibly sexy when a man is just a man. From his walk to the way he talks and the way he carries himself. It's not even swag—that word is so old—it's just about having that…thang. It's got to be so right. They are so cute when they have a smile and that makes it even sexier to me. A smile is everything.

Complex: How do you have fun?

Kelly Rowland: Bowling. I am good at bowling! Well, every other time I'm good at bowling. And I can whoop up on him on a game of golf on the Wii. I'm really good at that. But, you know what I love? Polos on guys. I don't know if it's a Southern girl thing—

For the love of fashion...

Check out Burberry's fashion runway show.
The clothes are amazing with all the leather and studds
what's a fashion show without sky-high heels?
At about the 2:10 mark one of the models just can't walk the walk....

The designer's face at the end is pissed!
 You know she isn't going to be booking any jobs anytime soon....

Jersey Shore's Angelina releases.....

...a song? That's right. Jersey shore native Angelina announced via twitter:

"Breaking News: My first single 'I'm Hot' will drops next month on Itunes!!!!
I'm so EXCITED!!!!  'I'm Hot' is a electro pop/hip hop track. U gonna love it!!!"

I can already tell by her grammatically correct twit the lyrics of the song 'gonna be hot!!'
Any Jersey fan knows that she's good at running her mouth behind her fellow guidettes back's, but does she have the vocals to match? I guess we'll have to see. Her single hits the airwaves in October.

*Fist pump*


Next Top Model Fail

Check out one of the most awkward moments in reality TV finale history, where the host of Australian Next Top Model reveals the wrong winner.....and takes it back minutes later!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Still Going Strong,,..

I have to admit that when I first heard about Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odoms 'shotgun' wedding, I was full of doubt. I remember predicting their marriage to last  6 months to a year, at the most. Many people thought I was being to nice giving them that long of a time frame. However, the couple has proved many of us wrong by celebrating their first year anniversary today.

I got to give it to them after watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians, they look very much in love. I wouldn't be suprised if they lasted until the end of their lifetime. Khloe wrote a message to her husband today, on her blog expressing her sincere happiness. 

"I feel like I truly discovered myself the moment I met Lamar. 365 days have passed since we got married  and each and every one of those days my husband has been the first thing I think of when I wake up, and the last thing before I go to sleep. I truly wish this kind of happiness upon everyone, I feel so blessed."
 Make sure to check out a gallery of the couple on Khloes blog Khloe Kardashian Blog.
Congrats the couple! 

Friday, September 24, 2010

ELLE Magazine 'Pretty Young Things'

ELLE Magazine is celebrating their 25th anniversary, and they have created a  short film featuring 25 of the hottest young rising stars at the moment. Check out all your favorite stars in the video!

Your Favorite 'Hills' Star is Back

I guess she couldn't stay away from her loyal viewers for very long. Reality star Lauren Conrad, & MTV have confirmed that Lauren is set to star in her own reality series. The show will follow Laurens career as a designer in L.A.

Lauren talked about her plans with the show on KIIS FM's On Air With Ryan Seacrest this week.

"I've always been open to doing reality again. It's just under certain circumstances. As long as you have a separation then it works. You have your personal life and work life and when it's combined it's difficult". 

I must say I'm a bit excited to see her show. Filming starts in October.

Lindsay Lohan sent BACK to Jail

 [photo credit: cbsnews, getty images, Kevork Djansezian]

[photo credit: LA County Sheriff Department/people]

After a failed drug test, Lindsay Lohan was handcuffed this morning and sent back to jail for violating probation terms. According to two test results, she tested positive for Cocaine and Adderall. 

She is ordered to be held in custody until an Oct.22 court hearing. No bail permitted.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If At First..... Second, Or Third Time You Don't Succeed....

Well looks like Kim Kardashian doesn't have the best luck with athletes. is confirming that Kim K. has split from her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin. Sources claim that the split was mutual due to work conflict.

The thing I don't understand about Kim K. is why she goes for the same type of man. She needs to get out of the whole athlete phase and date a man more compatible to her lifestyle, because we all know what they say about athletes. 

Well all she can do now is dust herself off, and try again. 

Can't Be Friends

I am absolutely in love with Trey Songz new single Can't Be Friends, from his fourth album "Passion Pain Pleasure". The lyrics are on point, and you can't help but fall deep into Treys emotions. Can't deny it Trey knows what he's doing to the ladies! Check out the video, and let me know what you think.\

Make sure you grab a copy of his new album, in stores now!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Naeem Khan Spring 11'


Check out the complete collection here

Nicki Minaj Does OUT Mag

At first I was unsure about my feelings towards Nicki Minaj. However, after hearing every explosive cameo she drops she is definitely starting to grow on me. The appeal about Nicki is nothing other than her lyrical style. It's been so long since we've heard a female rapper kill the game, so I'm excited to see her longevity in the industry. 

Nicki recently did a spread with OUT magazine, and she looks absolutely gorgeous in these photos!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plus Size Show Hits New York Fashion Week

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For the first time ever in New York Fashion Week history, there was an entire show of  plus-sized models., who provides to women of size 16 and above presented various lines of plus-sized designs.

There was also a star studded crowd in support of the show. Toccara Jones from ANTM walked the catwalk, and famous plus size model Lizze Miller also rocked the catwalk. Nikki Blonsky, Gabourey Sidibe, model Emme and KayCee Stroh all sat front row at the showcase. They even gave a standing ovation as the presentation ended.

I think this is a great step in the fashion industry. Beauty is versatile, and comes in all shapes and forms. It's about time that we recognize every lover of fashion, and not only what society says is beautiful. Designers need to cater to everyone. 

Alice + Olivia Spring 11'

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Check out the full collection here