Saturday, July 3, 2010

An Artist 'Note" Worthy

With the wonders of technology nowadays, you can find  millions of unknown musicians on YouTube. It's always fun searching different channels and finding such amazing artist!
 Trina has found an artist on YouTube, that we both think needs to hurry up and get a deal already! Her name is Tiffany Eugenio, and must I tell you this girl can sing! When I first heard her voice I was amazed at how smooth, powerful, and distinct it was. It's so beautiful! She does some amazing covers that you guys have to check out! Here are some of our favorites:

 Aaliyah "Are You That Somebody

Tamia: "Officially Missing You"

 Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake: "4 minutes"

Ahhh she definitely needs to join the success of Justin Bieber, and Justin Timberlakes protege Esmee Dentes and land a deal from Youtube!

Check out her Youtube channel here Tiffyiffyiffy


  1. Especially love the 4 minutes cover, thanks for discovering her for me!

  2. LOVING the 4 minutes cover. She is fab.