Friday, October 15, 2010

Lamar mixes business with pleasure...

Apparently Lakers' tickets aren't the only thing Lamar's giving to the Kardashian family; he's giving them control too.
NBA star Odom hired his mother-in-law to be his manager.

Only time will tell if this will be a wise move. 
if she can make fame and fortune off a sex tape (a.k.a the infamous Kim and Ray J tape)
then who knows. 
Odom’s representative Eve Sarkisyan confirmed the news, saying,

“Kris Jenner now manages Lamar Odom.  He has asked her to manage him off the court a few months ago. Their first project together would be his and Khloe’s fragrance which is set to launch next year.”

She'll be in charge of paid appearances, endorsement deals and handling personal marketing initiatives.

Aww she probably just wants the best for her family *cough* 10 percent *cough*...
but what happens if things go south and the couple makes its way to splitsville? 


[] Efix ladies 

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