Saturday, November 27, 2010

Pregnant & Smoking

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Kim Zolciak from the Real Housewives of Atlanta recently announced in Life & Style magazine that she was pregnant. According to reports Kim is 3 months pregnant now however, TMZ has leaked photos of the reality star smoking on November 7. According to the Life & Style article Kim told the magazine she found out she was pregnant in September.....

This might not come as a surprise to those who follow Kim on the Real Housewives.On the show Kim is portrayed as a chain smoker, and couldn't even quit smoking for her singing career. But, if these photos are truly dated correctly, this women def. needs help. SMH.

Kim is pregnant by her boyfriend, 25 year old NFL player Kroy Biermann.

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  1. I can't imagine smoking while pregnant either.. but to be fair, my boss is a heavy smoker and while she was pregnant, the doctor acknowledged the heavy stress and withdrawls put on the body and baby if she quit cold turkey, so he advised her to cut back as much as she could.