Wednesday, February 10, 2010

O Reggie....Here We Go......

Reggie Bush has joined the many list of Athletes who have jumpoffs on the side while in a relationship. Like Tiger, Kobe, and Shaq the shit is starting to hit the fan for the Superbowl champ. Last year when Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian broke up, model Carmen Ortega went to the media claiming that she was one of the reasons for the break-up. She said that her and Reggie were together for  3 months while the both of them were in a relationship. She also stated  that they had an "understanding" and both of them kept it on the DL. However, Carmen claims that once Kim K. found out about their secret relationship Kim did everything in her power to bring her down.

While things blew off and Kim K. took Reggie back, on the day of the Superbowl a video leaked on the internet of Carmen Ortega at Reggie's house in L.A giving a "tour" of his crib. Many people believed that Carmen purposely leaked out the video  on Reggie's biggest day of his career  in order to hurt his game, and people got MAD calling her all sorts of names. So, of course Carmen came out with a response the other day to clear up everything:
"Earlier this week, a video surfaced on the web, showing me on a private tour of New Orleans Saints player, Reggie Bush’s home. The published blog posts about the video have painted me as everything from a “thirsty ho,” to “jump off” to “escort.” These names aren’t insulting, for they’re not true.
As you all know by now, Reggie and I had a brief short lived relationship almost one year ago. During that time, we both were in serious relationships with other people, but we had an “understanding.”
Unfortunately, things hit the fan when Reggie’s girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, found out about our secret relationship. She immediately ran to the Internet to throw me under the bus. When this happened, Reggie and I went our separate ways. During our brief relationship, Reggie became a dear and valued friend to me. The negativity surrounding that situation made it extremely difficult for me to move on. However, I did.
I want to use this column, for Honey, as an opportunity to express how deeply hurt and betrayed I feel. I am shocked and disappointed to see that on the eve of Reggie’s biggest day, his team’s Super Bowl win, the private video I took months ago had surfaced. I believe it was leaked by a former trusted friend and colleague, for his personal gain. It wasn’t my intention for that video to hit the net or distract Reggie from his amazing day.I made that video to let the “nay-sayers” know that I did have proof that he and I were in a relationship. Unfortunately drama continues to follow, but I have moved on from that experience – and still am.
This too shall pass.
Carmen Ortega

Check out this leaked video of Carmen talking about their relationship and giving a tour of his house in L.A

Damn I don't even know what to think. I don't want to believe the girl but shes got some good ass evidence.However,  if this is true which I highly believe because we all know how athletes are, I feel bad for Kim K. I mean we all know Reggie is sexy as hell and all but girl didn't your mama teach you..........once a cheater....ALWAYS a cheater.



  1. eff carmen ortega.... why wasnt it me?!

  2. That's f'd up!! That's why I can't do nothing but lust for these football players cause they get the opportunity to cheat && use it! I can't handle it. :-/

    !Who Dat!

  3. Who cares about you carmen. Nobody cares enough to hear you 'clear the air.' You're nobody but some chick who cheats with other girl's men. Sorry but they're engaged now so..go get your 15 min of fame by f***ing some other FB player, or NBA star, or whoever you think will get you somewhere...DEUCES

  4. ugh...i'm tired of these dudes thinking they're the shit. they need to quit cuz it's not cute.

  5. i just hope all of this isn't true and they don't end up splitting again. :/ but as you said we ll know "how athletes are" , and not just athletes but almost all men with money and fame. And Kim is a hot girl. How could he ? and i totally agree with sssdawna!
    oh well life goes on...