Tuesday, February 2, 2010

True love at last.....?

Season 2 For the Love of Ray J wrapped up last night, and the winner of the Ray's heart was none other than Connie Deveaux:

[otherwise known as Mz. Berry].

Although she seems like she could be the one (she's grounded, mature everything that someone like him needs to finally 'help him change his ways...maybe' as Ray quotes in the intro to the show) the age old question on everyone's mind is this even real?

Reality T.V has been known to be as real as a Prada bag sold on the streets of  NYC, but regardless it sure makes for good T.V. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Ray and 'Mz.Berry' aren't as happy as the finale left us to believe. According to her, in an interview with Vh1, Ray and her have barely had any contact with each other since the show finished filming months ago. Usually in shows like these, the winner and the looker for love are discouraged from talking to each other, so that the results won't leak until the finale airs. In the past, it isn't uncommon for new lovers to rendezvous secretly.

We all know that Ray has all the means to come see Mz. Berry and keep it on the DL, so why hasn't he? Maybe he's a little jealous of ex Kim Kardashian's fame from her reality show and decided to take his turn at it. It also doesn't help that it's been reported that Ray only broke up with Season 1 winner, Cocktail, just so he could do a second season or that rumors are circulating of a 3rd season already in the works. Ouch. The reunion's coming up soon, so we'll just have to wait what the 'real' story between the two is.

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