Sunday, April 18, 2010

On to the Next One....

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian are moving on real fast! Perez Hilton has 100% exclusively confirmed that Kim Kardashian was seeing footballer Cristiano Ronaldo her whole stay in Madrid. Sources stated that the couple were seen having dinner kissing, and being incredibly affectionate towards one another. They even claimed that Kim K. went home with him and stayed over for about 4 hours....hmmm get it girl! Damn Kim K. sure loves sports players.

Country Singer Jessie James

On the other hand Kim K isn't the only one dating,  Perez Hilton is exclusively confirming that Reggie Bush has already found him a new girl, country singer Jessie James. The two have been spotted all over each other in  Las Vegas. Damn that was fast.

What do ya'll think about this one? Did they both upgrade?



  1. So the country singer girl is cute but shes no Kim....and eah that sure was fast! geez

  2. Yep.. they both upgraded. Kim decided to go white to clean her imagine up. & Reggie got him a girl who actually has a legit career. But I don't think that this is Reggies girlfriend!

  3. uhm cristiano ronaldo is spanish not white.