Monday, April 19, 2010

Taylor Momsen's 'New Look'

We all know how Gossip Girl's Taylor Momsen has gotten slammed for her risque outfits at such a young age [i.e wearing her underwear for her band performances..], but all that press has caught the eye of fashion house New Look. Momsen has signed on to be the new face of their Spring/Summer 2010 campaign, joining former New Look models Alexa Chung, Agyness Deyn, Kimberley Walsh, and Pixie Geldof. She's still showing a little skin but at least it's not 'workin-the-corner' kind of skin. Lol hey, I'm all for lookin sexy, but sexy doesn't have to be wearing your panties in public. Check out the shoot:

So what do you think?
Good pick for a campaign face?

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