Thursday, May 6, 2010

Will They Ever Learn.....?

Yet another celebrity sex tape has surfaced. Reality star Kendra Wilkinson is in the midst of a major legal battle with Vivid Entertainment, about the release of a sex tape that she made years ago. She has hired a team of lawyers to make sure the tape does not surface. Her lawyer's have written a statement to Vivid stating the following

“The video is private and highly confidential taken for private use and not for public disclosure. Any exploitation of the video would be a gross violation of Miss Wilkinson’s constitutional and common law rights of privacy.”
The CEO of Vivid Entertainment Steve Hirsh aslo released a statement:

“After reviewing our legal position we remain confident of our right to distribute the video. Thus Vivid.Com plans to release Kendra Exposed within the next several weeks.”

It's really sad that this is all surfacing after she has become a wife and mother. It's crazy how many sex tapes are coming out nowadays. Everyone needs to remember that if you don't want a sex tape to be released....don't make one!!! Hopefully everything works out for Kendra.

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