Sunday, May 2, 2010

Who Rocked it Best?

Fashion Icon Victoria Beckham, and reality star Olivia Palermo were both spotted wearing the same stunning Julian J. Smith dress. Victoria kept the accessories very minimal and paired the dress with hot blue pumps. On the other hand, Olivia opted for a multi colored pattern jacket, tights, a statement necklace, and sexy black pumps, making the dress her own.

This sure is a hard one, but I'm going to have to go with Victoria, because I love how doesn't take away from the dress,and keeps it simple. Olivia still looks FAB and I love how she's taking a risk mixing patterns together.


Another set of stars were recently seen rocking similar outfits. Jennifer Lopez and Kourtney Kardashian both wore a beautiful Diane von Furstenburg maxi dress out recently. The two beauties both looked gorgeous, but I'm going to give it to JLO because of the accessories she paired with the dress. I'm loving the earrings and clutch. 


  1. For the first outfit, has to be Victoria Beckham, Olivia P has put too much into one outfit I think.
    The second is a close call, i'm going to go with JLO, only because it looks nicely hung on her body, K looks a bit stiff with it.

  2. I am gonna have to go with Kourtney on the last one...she just looks so damn cute! But I agree with the first one...Victoria looks FAB in that dress, but I do love the bib necklace on Olivia.

  3. I go with Victoria, Olivia has too much going on. And I go with Jlo although they both pulled it out, I love Jlo's glow :)

    True Queen