Friday, August 6, 2010

Kim K. a Diva?

So I was doing my daily YouTube browsing, and I came upon this video of Kim Kardashian snubbing a fan badddddly. I mean I have been a fan of Kim K  for a while now because I absolutely adore her style, but after watching this video was a big turn off.

So Ms. Kardashian was out giving her fans autographs , and one fan in particular asks Kim for an autograph and she declines because  "the picture is too old". Wow.............

I think this is a little too diva for my liking. However, imma give her the benefit of the doubt,because maybe she was having a bad day. Check out the video below and you be the judge. Or you can click on the link  Kim K snubs fan .


  1. omg thats bitchy!! You know when Nayomi met Kim she was having an attitude too.. I don't know about her!!

  2. WHAT A BITCH!!!! Get OVER yourself child!

  3. damn it! i love her style and everything but that was so bitchy!

  4. she's always been the diva one of the bunch so im not at all surprised. but if i was that fan i probably would have felt really bad and cried!! so im not surprised, but i do think it was cruel of her.