Thursday, August 5, 2010

Olivia Palermo Steps out in ASOS

The City star Olivia Palermo is the new cover girl of ASOS magazine. Olivia has always had an impressive fashion sense, so I'm not the least bit surprised that the magazine chose her for their August issue. ASOS takes a look at her stylish wardrobe, and talks to Olivia about life as a reality star. 

"It's unfortunate," she explains about her rep. on The City."But I think that people understand what they see on that show is not who I am. It's not accurate. I'm funny, I'm enthusiastic and I'm not a negative person. I always try and look for the good in things."

Well, all I know is that I want this chicks wardrobe! Check out the pics from her ASOS shoot.



  1. ahh i can not STAND olivia !
    she's such a *itch!
    but i LOVE these pictures lol
    nice blog btw

  2. there's a video floating around somewhere of her during the shoot, and she actually acted nice! i was surprised!

  3. O really? Yea I'm not that fond of Olivia just from the looks of the show but, I don't know the girl so I can't say much.