Thursday, March 4, 2010

Rihanna Performs with............. Robots?

I found this video of Rihanna performing at the ECHO awards in Berlin tonight, and I thought it was a bit awkward because shes performing with transformer like robots! Haha it's a bit different, but the performance of her single "Rude Boy" was still pretty good. She's got that shakin on point! Check it out.



  1. I ♥ Rihanna but she can't perform && sing at the same But I'm still a HUGE fan :)

  2. wow.... aha, weird. She's sick, but I wonder 'bout those robots... are they remote controlled or is there someone under the suit? & if there is how are they controlling those huge heavy arms & feet.

  3. i love rihanna, and i thought this was interesting and cute, i like it !

    great blog btw .