Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Tisk Tisk Mr. Knowles

I've always wondered where Beyonce gets most of her inspiration from for her songs. While dating Jay Z she has always come out with songs which make you second guess Jay's faithfulness. She is all about women empowerment nowadays. However, I've finally figured out where her inspiration is coming from.......... Papa Knowles.

Yup, Beyonce's  father/manager has been caught cheating. Earlier this year,  Mathew and Tina Knowles announced that they were parting ways and getting a divorce. Rumors suggested that infidelity was the cause, however there was no comment from either party. More rumors continued to surface the web stating that Mathew Knowles had sperminated a female from their hometown in Houston by the name of Alexasandra Wright, but nothing was confirmed.

Well, according to TMZ today Mathew Knowles is indeed the father, and has passed the DNA test with flying colors. Mr. Knowles has been paying $8200/monthly in temporary child support as they have waited for the results. 

I wonder if Beyonce will speak on this.  Wut a damn shame....


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