Thursday, June 24, 2010

Kim K's Got herself a New Ballaaa

After weeks of rumors and speculation,  PEOPLE magazine is reporting that Kim Kardashian is officially dating Dallas Cowboys wide receiver, Miles Austin. According to a "close source" they met at an L.A restaurant months ago, and have been dating ever since. The source claims that they are hitting it off really well, and Miles is head over heels for Kim K. Miles says shes his dream girl. 

 Kim sure loves her some athletes. First Reggie, then soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo, and now Mr. Miles Austin. Well damn,who wouldn't want to date Kim K? What do ya'll  think about Miles, Upgrade?


  1. agree!
    but i kinda miss it ok if i say it out loud??? lol

  2. he's cute. and if he treats her like a queen, that's what matters! ; )

  3. She definitely know how to pick them lol
    I love Kim <3