Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summer Style

[photo credit: ybf/rihannadaily]

Leave it to RiRi to mix it up!
Rihanna was snapped out in L.A. while out with her bff Melissa, and she was wearing all the latest trends together:
a fedora, floral prints, chunky gold accessories... you name it!

[And can we please stop and look at those studded bow, platform Louboutins??!]

With her bright red hair and matching nails, some might say it's a hot mess...
and to be honest probably on some people it might be, but RiRi's got the swag to pull it off.
I never get tired of looking at her.
Gotta give the girl props, her style is never boring.
Love it!

What do you guys think?
Less is more?

Trina [ ]


  1. Love the combination :) She has gorgeous legs :D

  2. Don't we all just Love Rihanna <3 I'm in LOVE with her Heels =P but, not feeling the Hat.....but that's what makes her so different thee Others =-O