Thursday, September 2, 2010

She's Backkkkkkk

R&B singer Jojo is back on the scene and damn,  this girl has definitely grown up! I feel like it was just yesterday she debut her single "Leave Get Out". Well, Jojo has a new mixtape out entitled Can't Take that Away From Me and the first single "In the Dark" is pure FIRE! I can't take it off repeat! Check out the music video.

Her mixtape is set to release Sept 7. 2010


  1. i seriously thought i was about to read about lindsey lohan releasing a new album when i saw that picture...lmao no insult to jojo but she looks like her in that pic! i think the song is ok...i like when her voice is less mechanical and overpowered by beats...

  2. Yea, when i first heard it, it took a while to get used to because its so different from her old stuff. But I love it now. I think its one of those songs that u have to put on repeat 3 times to really feel it. I guess shes just going along with what's in now...autotune.