Tuesday, September 21, 2010

If At First..... Second, Or Third Time You Don't Succeed....

Well looks like Kim Kardashian doesn't have the best luck with athletes. People.com is confirming that Kim K. has split from her boyfriend, Dallas Cowboy Miles Austin. Sources claim that the split was mutual due to work conflict.

The thing I don't understand about Kim K. is why she goes for the same type of man. She needs to get out of the whole athlete phase and date a man more compatible to her lifestyle, because we all know what they say about athletes. 

Well all she can do now is dust herself off, and try again. 


  1. nooooooooo I don't know what they say about athletes tell me!

  2. shooot he's the one who needs to try again! kim k is not hard pressed for a man lmao please.

  3. hahaha athletes are all dogs!! LOL
    @sssdawna Hahaha...she keeps going from guy to guy though! LOL