Thursday, September 16, 2010

Plus Size Show Hits New York Fashion Week

 [photo credit: splash]

For the first time ever in New York Fashion Week history, there was an entire show of  plus-sized models., who provides to women of size 16 and above presented various lines of plus-sized designs.

There was also a star studded crowd in support of the show. Toccara Jones from ANTM walked the catwalk, and famous plus size model Lizze Miller also rocked the catwalk. Nikki Blonsky, Gabourey Sidibe, model Emme and KayCee Stroh all sat front row at the showcase. They even gave a standing ovation as the presentation ended.

I think this is a great step in the fashion industry. Beauty is versatile, and comes in all shapes and forms. It's about time that we recognize every lover of fashion, and not only what society says is beautiful. Designers need to cater to everyone. 


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