Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Kelly Rowland Does Complex Magazine

The beautiful Kelly Rowland did shot a spread for Complex mag, and I'm lovin it. She always looks incredible!
[Photo&Interview Credit: Complex.com]

Here's a bit of her interview with the magazine:

Complex: So the big story with you is the smash record you had with David G.

Kelly Rowland: I love that! David G. [Laughs.] I have to tell him that.

Complex: That's what I call him. Has being in Europe so much changed your taste in men?

Kelly Rowland: Oh no, honey. For me, it's just about a very confident guy and someone who I can have fun with.
Complex: How confident? Does it matter who's dominant in the relationship?

Kelly Rowland: No. As a matter of fact, because I am so dominant and I am a control freak, I would go out on dates, order, pull out my own chair, and I would never see that guy again. [Laughs.]

Complex: Damn, they were that intimidated?

Kelly Rowland: I don't even think it's intimidating. I had a problem with letting a guy be a man. I don't have that problem anymore. I think it's incredibly sexy when a man is just a man. From his walk to the way he talks and the way he carries himself. It's not even swag—that word is so old—it's just about having that…thang. It's got to be so right. They are so cute when they have a smile and that makes it even sexier to me. A smile is everything.

Complex: How do you have fun?

Kelly Rowland: Bowling. I am good at bowling! Well, every other time I'm good at bowling. And I can whoop up on him on a game of golf on the Wii. I'm really good at that. But, you know what I love? Polos on guys. I don't know if it's a Southern girl thing—

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  1. she looks so hot in these pictures! the interview is great.

    thanks for sharing! :)

    Smiles and kisses