Saturday, December 19, 2009

Bye Bye Que......

It seems that R&B group Day 26 is now a foursome, because Que has been fired from the group. Que took to his Twitter page to break the news to his fans, and it appears that the news was a surprise to him because he expressed complete shock. However, this is not a big surprise to me at all. Especially after watching last season of Making the Band, Que sure did know how to stir up trouble with everybody. Here’s what Que tweeted the other day....

And here he is explaining the entire situation.




  1. your right this is Bitchassness...Que is sexyyy i love him why would they kick him out...day26 is OVER!!!

  2. wow, for the first time que looks sexy, but as far as day26 goes they were always under bad management and if que feels like he needs to leave so he can make the cash and get the exposure he's supposed to get then more power to him, but day26 will not be the same, at least they still have will's sexy ass : )

  3. yea, I def. think Day 26 will never be the same but, zodiac your right.... THNK GOD Will is still there:)

  4. none of diddy's groups work out !!
    but que was my favorite <3
    hopefully he do his solo thing

  5. q tripps out too much, hes a wreck!i mean he has to be unsucessful hes signed to badboy!lol!