Thursday, December 31, 2009

Top Ten Fixated Moments of 2009

10. The Year of Reality Parents
From John and Kate marital drama to the desperate attempt at Balloon boy's parents 15 minutes of fame; it seemed to be the year to exploit your kids. What started as a wholesome family reality show about a married couple and their lives with their eight children, quickly spiraled into a media frenzy. As the show progressed, so did the paparazzi's focus. They soon exposed John's consistent whoring of numerous women and jumping from club to club; living the single life when HELLO??? You have a family?! Then you couldn't turn on the news, entertainment shows, or flip through magazines without them being plastered on the cover.
"You guys said we did this for the show." Who could forget the words spoken from 6-year old Heene [a.k.a the Balloon boy]. His parents are charged with one of the most clever, but desperate attempts at fame. The parents incited the biggest waste of police and man power when they claimed that their son was trapped aboard a giant balloon that had been released into the air. It flew across three counties and when it finally landed the boy thankfully wasn't in it. Authorities soon discovered he was hiding in the attic. It was discovered that the thing was staged in an interview with the family Thursday night on CNN's "Larry King Live." In the interview with Wolf Blitzer, filling in for King, the Heenes' asked their son why he had not come out from hiding when they called his name. And the boy replied with the above phrase. LMAO sooo funny, they probably felt so stupid. Yep they all got their fame all right, but not in the way they expected: John worst dad ever, Balloon boy's parents facing jail time and numerous fines.

9. The Kardashians
You can't deny it, they were everyone's guilty pleasure in 2009. Sex tape scandal or not, Kim Kardashian brought her fame into a whole other level with her reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians. This year was a huge year for the Kardashian family. With the start of a break-up between Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush, to Kourtney and Khloe taking over Miami, and finding out  that Kourt was preggers by the end of their trip. Then  there was the infamous quickie wedding for Khloe  and L.A. Laker Lamar Odom after only knowing each other for a month which led to Kim and Reggie Bush making up. And finally by the end of the year Kourtney gives birth to a precious baby boy. These Kardashians sure had everyone keeping up with them.

8. Rap Artist Drake
He went from being the kid in the wheelchair from Degrassi to the hottest rap phenomenon of 2009. He had everyone singing "Best I ever had" this summer and you couldn't turn on the radio without hearing his hits.Without an album even out yet, Drake has collaborated with many artists such as Lil Wayne, Timberland, Kanye West, Eminem, and many more. Just as Drake said it himself "Buzz so big I could probably sell a blank disc" 2009 was most def. a good year for him.

7. "Single Ladies" Craze
 "All my single ladies, All my singles!" who didn't hear this phrase this year? The singles ladies craze was out of control ! The minute Ms. Beyonce and her two bootylicious backup dancers stepped out in a black and white video, you had people all over the world trying to imitate these fierce moves. Everyone from babies to the oo so sexy Justin Timberlake, and even Tom Hanks were dancing like Ms. B. We're not going lie, we even put the video on repeat a couple times too! LOL! Def. a great anthem for all those singles ladies of 2009.

6. Megan Fox
All you men know what we're talking about.....heck you ladies can feel us on this one too! Megan Fox was the ultimate sex symbol of 2009. You couldn't walk into a locker room or your brothers crib without seeing an image of the Transformer beauty. She was talked about all over the world because of her exotic beauty, and killer eyes.Kim Kardashian was even quoted saying that she had a girl crush on Fox (now that's a compliment). From her movie roles, magazine covers, and up and down relationship nobody could get enough of Ms. Fox this year. Though she was quoted saying some pretty bazaar statements she is just too hot for anyone to really care. 2009 was def. her year.

5.Rihanna and Chris Brown Scandal
It was all anyone was talking about. R&B heartthrob Chris Brown physically assaulted his girlfriend pop princess Rihanna on a night that was supposed to be a fairytale. After having a great time at a pre-grammy party, Rihanna and Chris Brown were on their way home when a fight escalated into a night both of them will never forget. Chris brown received a text message from a female that he had previously dated and Rihanna confronted him about it. One thing led to the other and all hell broke loose. The next thing you know, the police are called and Rihanna is found bloody and battered. A few hours later Chris turns himself into authorities and the rest goes down in history. With people taking one side or the other this was def. a story you could not stop hearing about in 2009.

4. Twilight
And this movie. The craze that swept the nation. Who would've thought a story about vampires would've created the frenzy that is Twilight. Even if you haven't seen it, you've heard of it.  The forbidden love between a human and a vampire. I'm not gunna lie, it is a good story. It jump started the whole vampire obsession (UPN's Vampire diaries and numerous shows and movies about them) not to mention all the actors and actresses that were apart of this movie. Tickets for the second installment sold out months before it was even released! "Team Edward, Team Jacob." That's all you would see or hear about. Burger King had a commercial  putting the fans against each other. It trickled down all the way into becoming an accidental fashion trend. People were dawning their Team Edward/ Team Jacob Tees everywhere and Nordstroms even had a special event for the Twilight/New Moon merchandise. Robert Pattinson (one of the main characters) was featured in Vanity Fair and Kristen Stewart, his co-star, is now featured in countless fashion mags. 2009 was definitely the year for books to be movies.....and you thought Harry Potter was big

3. Kanye West & Taylor Swift
"Taylor, I'm really happy for you imma let u finish but, BEYONCE HAD ONE OF THE BEST VIDEOS OF ALL TIME"!! Haha who could forget those infamous words? Kanye West dug himself in an enormous hole this year with that outburst. After making a damn fool of himself at the MTV Video Music Awards by interrupting Taylor Swifts acceptance speech, after she won Female Video of the Year, all hell broke loose. Everyone from singer Pink, Kelly Clarkson, and your mom had harsh words for the opinionated rapper. Pinks exact words were “I just think he’s an idiot, a waste, he’s just a toolbox". Even Twitter had Kanye West and Taylor Swift as a trending topic for a week  with hilarious jokes clownin the rapper. Our personal favorite being " Hey Martin imma let you finish but last night I had the best dream of all time!!" (As they cropped a picture of West next to Martin Luther King making his famous speech) LOL! O Kanye when will you ever learn?? From your outburst about former president George Bush to swearing that you would never attend the MTV Video Music Awards again because you didn't win an award (obviously that wasn't true) when will this madness end!? We ain't mad at you though, everyone has the right to their own opinion, but please do something for us....find a better approach next time :).

2. Micheal Jackson
Who doesn't know Thriller or PYT ( my personal fave)? The whole entertainment world took a big hit when it was announced that Micheal Jackson was dead at the age of 50. Not only did the music world mourn, but it seemed like the whole world did as well. Every news channel had the funeral service on live, and stars were pouring out their hearts about MJ and to his family. I don't blame them. Music would not be what it is today without his influence. Stars like Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Black-eyed peas, etc have all been quoted saying how his vocal style and dances moves have shaped the type of artist they are now. The late Aaliyah has even been quoted saying that nothing will ever top the best-selling album of all time, Michael Jackson's Thriller. He is THE king of pop and this icon will be sorely missed. RIP MJ.

1. Obama
From one of the saddest to happiest history-making moment of 2009; Barack Obama beats Republican nominee Sen. John McCain, by 158 electoral votes. The campaign was historic for both Republican and Democratic nominees. Nobody was expecting this! Voters would either elect the first black president, or the oldest president and first woman vice president. I remember when even the thought of a woman president let alone a black president was looked at as a joke or "When pigs fly" type of thing. But pigs did fly (a.k.a swine flu...LOL) and it happened. The FIRST black president!! With so much going down in 2009 we can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for us.

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 Honorable Mentions

It was really hard to narrow down all the fixated moments of 2009 into a list of just 10, so we wanted to give a couple of honorable mentions to fixated moments of 2009.

1. Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift

Lady Gaga was deemed the new Madonna in 2009 while Taylor Swift was named Entertainer of the Year by Billboard magazine. These two ladies had an amazing year in music!

2.Octo mom

Everyone was talking about her. With so many kids already, why the heck was she having eight more?? For money? Attention? People went crazy!

3. Twitter

 Move over Myspace, and Facebook. Twitter is about to take over the world! Pop culture became obsessed with this social network in 2009. Fans loved the idea of following their favorite celebrities every day move. Twitter had everybody stalking each other !

4.  Jerk movement
The New Boyz had everyone jerking this year. Who would have thought that a joke would have been one of the hottest songs of the year??

5. Tiger Woods Scandal
Tiger Woods aint a tiger no more.....hes a cheetah now(enough said)

Speaking of the new year, how are you guys stylishly ringing in the new year? Send us pics of your new year's outfits and we'll post them up for a special New Year's Street Fashion edition.


  1. thank you for your lovely comment :)
    i love this post, it's good to look back on the year we've had !
    xoxo - carly.

  2. love it!! every number closer to 1 grabbed a different reaction from me LOL u guys got the best and worst right on the $$$

    happy new year!! i'll ring it in by either wildin out or chillin...haven't decided yet, but i will let everyone know, fo sho!

  3. Great list !! I couldn't have narrowed it down better.

    Hope you guys have a Happy New Year !!
    2010 Here We Come !! lol

  4. This wss soo true!! I was sitting there like a saddo going "Yeah, Yeah, ohh I remember that one" LOL x x

    Love the post x

  5. haha you brought up the best (and worst , r.i.p micheal) moments in 09 but it's time for us to start over as soon as that ball drops! have a fabolous new years! : )

  6. Totally!! Great job. Octomom, Kardahians, Drake, Single Ladies, Megan Fox, Gaga, Kanye- all my favorite things!! I can't wait to see what kind of craziness 2010 will bring us..

  7. nice list

    obama shouldn't b number 1