Friday, December 11, 2009

OMG sooo funny!!

So I really wanted to listen to Lady Gaga's song telephone, so as I was searching for it I stumble across this fanmade music video for the song. It's absolutely hysterical and very creative! The guy is dressed up as Lady gaga and Beyonce. The way he gave birth to the telephone and the special effects. He even got the wardrobe and [as lady gaga is known for symbolizing her own death] her dying at the end down pat! Love it!

See for yourself:

Trina [ ]


  1. this is very creative - i cannot imagine the effort that was placed into this thing....this is like the beyonce single ladies video

    will it become a trend where we see fans creating or re creating the videos

  2. WoW...LoL!
    It's actually REALLY good!