Sunday, December 13, 2009

Hilary Duff for Nylon Magazine

There's been a lot of talk about Nylon's choice for the cover; using Hilary in their spread. Personally I don't have anything against the girl so idk why all the smack talk. Nylon's know for cutting edge fashion and Duff is a new member of the trendy Gossip Girl's series. So it's only natural they'd want to feature her. In the mag she also talks about her up and coming line:

Your line for DKNY Jeans, Femme, comes out this fall. What can we expect?

We did two pairs of jeans this season—it’s kind of a selfish line, because it’s skinny jeans, which look the best on me. One thing I wanted was multiple-size belt loops, because sometimes I want to wear a skinny little belt wrapped around a million times, or sometimes I want to wear a really fat one that won’t ever stay in place, slung low. So it just has a lot of options. There’s other stuff, too, like little shrunken leather jackets. I wanted the stuff to be smart.

What was your inspiration for the line?

Just normal girls. I’ll be walking down the street and think, oh she looks cute! Especially being in New York is nice, because everyone has such unique styles. And it’s not people who have a ton of money or have a huge closet, but it’s people wearing what they love and having a unique way of putting it together. That inspired me.

Read the rest in January's issue of NYLON.

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