Tuesday, April 5, 2011

ELLE Magazine Honors 'Women In Music'

1. Gwen Steffani

On whether Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Katy Perry have imitated her style:
  “Really? I don’t see myself in those girls. I usually put pants on. I see these girls as more going for the sex-symbol thing. I was more, in the band, like a tomboy. Of course, I think every girl is sexy, so there’s going to be a little of that. But I see a lot of younger artists going more toward the sexy thing.” 

2. Adele
Wearing: Burberry dress, paired with a Eddie Borgo necklace.

On songs written about her ex:  
“We’re not on great enough terms for me to say, ‘Oh, have you heard my record? It’s number one; did you know?” 

3. Nicki Minaj
Wearing: Mark Fast knit minidress paried with Maison Martin Margiela body suit & Giuseppe Zanotti wedges.

On being a rapper:  
“I always wanted to play with the boys. I didn’t want to be a pawn in their game or have a sidekick role. I wanted to be more of a lead character – a superhero.”

4. Willow Smith
Wearing: Shoes custom made for her.

On her new album: “It’s going to be a party beat. I think you’re gonna like it!”

5. Feist

Wearing: Stella McCartney Viscose jacket & Jill Stuart blouse.

On her new album: “It’s sort of a sense of humor in equal parts with focus and clarity and direction.”

6. Jennifer Hudson

Wearing: Diane Von Furstenburg beaded silk dress

On life changes:  “My surroundings and my lifestyle are different, and it’s like, what part of Jennifer is the same as 10 years ago? The only thing I have to hold on to is my voice.”

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