Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fixated on: Two-toned hair

Looks like there's no need to touch up those roots ladies!
The new trend popping up everywhere is two-toned/ombre hair!
At first we were a bit iffy on the whole thing..but now it's grown on us.
We're not sure though if it looks better on blondes or brunettes, however.
I think it helps too if you have the right amount of tones.
Celebs of course have access to the best hair gurus so it can be properly blended to a lighter hue.
Take a look and judge for yourself because your favorite celebs are always on top of it:

Giuliana Rancic
If you ever watch E! News
you know how good it looks!

Lauren Conrad [LC]
Fashionista still is up-to-date
Her hair has the perfect 'Sun-kissed' ends, almost as if it was

Bombshell Megan Fox

R&B artist Ciara

Rachel Bilson

Ashlee Simpson
[Before she had the pixie blonde]

Drew Barrymore

Who knew 'grow out' could be so hot?
BUT we do agree that blending and a gradual transition of color is key to this look,
especially if you have dark hair.
If your have dark hair and want to try this look out just show a picture of what you're
envisioning and be sure the colorist is experienced in balayage or 'hand-painting' the hair without using foil.
No harsh lines please!
Or if you don't want to damage your hair just add extensions and have it blended through.
Blend, blend, blend!
Who do you think?

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