Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Amber Rose Disses Kanye's Ex Fiance

The other day,  Amber Rose was on Foxxhole Radio promoting her new radio show, which will air on the same station.  When asked whether or not her and former boyfriend Kanye West would get back together she stated...

No, I don’t think so. You know in every relationship you have problems and you try to work through and then sometimes things don’t work out. But it was very real for me. I was very much in love. I was with him for two years. We lived together, we traveled the world together, we had a lot of fun together. A lot of really cool moments…I was the ill bitch to a rock star.

After her statement, one of the co-host argued that she achieved fame solely through Kanye, and the fact that she claimed to have slept with numerous women. She responded by dissing Kanye's ex fiance.

"I never wanted to be famous it just happened to me. I literally was with someone that I loved very much and we were out people would say “Kanye I love you but can you snap a picture of me and Amber Real quick?”

"Me and Kanye were in a very committed relationship. When I was out with Kanye, I became famous. He was with a girl for six years that he was going to marry. What’s her name again??"

Just for the record, her names Alexis Phifer.

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