Friday, March 11, 2011

Current Fixation: Celebrity Makeup Artist, Joyce Bonelli

If by any chance you've noticed that the Kardashians makeup seems more on the natural side, rather than their usual dramatic look, you have Joyce Bonelli to thank. Personal makeup artist to the Kardashians, she is making her mark in Hollywood. 

Joyce says she first met Kim at her 944 magazine shoot about 5 years ago. She tells Beauty Logic Blog about her experience.

"I actually worked with Kim on a 944 shoot almost 5 years ago. This was before Keeping Up With The Kardashians so I didn't even know who she was at the time. Weird to think there was ever that time. She was the same sweet, fabulous and gorgeous girl then as she is now. 
Kim is an on going inspiration to work with! We worked on numerous projects over the years together. Along with Kris Kourtney & Khloe too. And now Kendall & Kylie. I Die for their whole family!"

We absolutely love her style of makeup. Her contouring techniques, and signature voluptuous lips are to die for! Not to mention she is a little fashionista herself. She reminds us of Lady Gaga. 

Joyce has simple beauty advice for us ladies out there.
"Eyebrows are everything. They frame your whole face. So wax, trim and dye as needed!
Also, pick one facial feature at a time to be  your statement piece. A Heavy eye, 
bright lip, or rosy cheeks. Don't over do it by going Cray Cray on all 3 at the same time."
We agree. Eyebrows are a MUST do!
Check out Joyce's blog for makeup tutorials, and beauty tips at  Makeup By Joyce.

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