Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Chris Brown Goes Off After GMA Interview

Earlier today when Chris Brown was on Good Morning America, it was reported that he  threw a tantrum backstage which resulted in broken glass. The reason for the outburst, was because the host asked him questions about the Rihanna incident. TMZ reports that he started yelling and screaming in his dressing room so loud that security was called. As a shirtless Brown  made an exit, he confronted the producer, resulting in staff having to get in between the two.

 [photo credit: INF/People]

He tweeted the following afterward.

"I'm so over people bringing this past shit up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bullshit!”

 ABC claims that the questions were approved by Chris and his party, he still seemed extremely annoyed by questions. Peep the video below.

We feel for Chris because, he's taken all the necessary action that the courts have assigned him. It's hard to make yourself better when everyone constantly brings up the past, but he needs to learn how to control his temper.

FYI Chris's album F.A.M.E is out today, we heard it is amazing!


  1. he has every right to be angry, what they are doing is wrong.
    It's a new day and he is in a new chapter of his life let him move on the same way the media has let Rhianna move on.

  2. She REALLY just kept pushing it, OMG! I am SO mad at Robin Roberts for what she did, DAMN! That video made me wanna jump through the computer LoL..Poor thing, you could SEE he was getting frustrated too, as he was speaking WOW!

  3. Sorry but when a person commits a crime or any violent act, it doesn't get removed from their history. Especially in the public eye, people want to know so the reporters are going to ask. Yeah, she was insistant, but he has to expect that. This is the first media tour he's done since the incident. He needs to be prepared for interviewers to ask him those questions and be ready to deflect it gracefully with something like, "Yeah I've definitely done a lot of growing since then, I've had the opportunity to do a lot of self reflection and make changes for the better, and I'm just excitied to be moving forward with my life and my career and music and I'm thankful for so many loyal fans", etc. Getting angry and throwing and chair, breaking a window is taking like 5 giant steps back.

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  5. Yea we agree with you Melissa, the media isn't very forgiving at all...a incident that happened 2 years ago is like 6 months in Hollywood. He needs to realize this and like you said, come up with better ways to deal with these sorta things. But, we also believe that Robin should have let it go the first time Chris brushed it aside. It isn't fair...but that's Hollywood for you

  6. You're right. She was really going at him. A large part of that is probably because she was cirticized for being too soft when she interviewed Tiger Woods and stuck stirctly to golf and didnt ask anything about his scandals, Viewers were upset she didnt ask what we all really wanted to know so she didn't want that to happened again. So the next time around she just went for it!