Friday, March 4, 2011

Lupe vs. B.O.B- 'Nothing On You'

Lupe Fiasco was the original artist to record the mega hit single 'Nothing On You' with Bruno Mars. However the head of Atlantic Records wasn't feeling the song with Lupe because his verses were "wack", so they handed it over to label mate B.O.B. As most of us know, Lupe has had numerous struggles with the label over his records, and at that point he said he contemplated suicide. 

"That was the tipping point. It was less about the bruised ego but more the audacity of it. It was mentally destructive. I say it with a certain laissez-faire now because I’m past it, but back then, hearin’ that s**t, it f**ked me up. I was super-depressed, lightly suicidal, at moments medium suicidal ,and if not suicidal, willing to just walk away from it all completely.”

Check out Lupe's version & let us know what the better track is.

Lupe also talks about the release of his new album...which he claims he hates.

“I hate this album. I don’t hate the music, but I hate the process. When I look at it, I don’t see song titles and artwork, I see the fight – I see the emotions, the blood, sweat and tears. There are a couple of songs on there that I love; but Lasers is a little bit of what you love, a little bit of what you like, and a lot of what you had to do."

We need more rappers like Lupe in the game. It sucks that labels have such power over artist, that it comes down to them hating their own album. smh.

source: NecoleBitchie

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