Friday, March 25, 2011

Solange & Son Release 'Juelz For Japan'

The always fashionable Solange Knowles, and celebrity Stylist Ty Hunter are pictured below wearing t-shirts that were designed by Solange's son Julez.  Juelz was inspired to  design  shirts for the victims of Japan, after watching horrid videos with his mother.

Solange tells WENN “My son and I, we are on the West Coast still…we woke up on the morning of the earthquake and tsunami, at around six o’ clock that morning, and were watching it on television. He was very affected by it and asked a lot of questions. We decided we wanted to do something together to help. Thus the t-shirts were born."

The t-shirts will be available later today with all the proceedings going to  Peace Winds Organization. Make sure to follow Solange's Twitter page for more information.

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