Saturday, March 5, 2011

Chris Brown is packing...???

...and no it isn't luggage.
When will celebs learn that any type of nude pics of themselves is never a
good idea?!
Unless it's in the hands of your vindictive ex.
Well, that's exactly what happened.
Chris Breezy 'sexted' an ex of his a naked bathroom pic (mind you, showing
EVERYTHING) and somehow it got released.
How many more?
I guess that depends on the discretion of the 'sext' receiver.
(And can we also mention it must not be that old of an ex since you can
clearly see his newly blonde head? [no pun intended LOL] )
The singer quickly responded on, of course, via twitter, tweeting:

"WTF!! Here we go!!!"

The status didn't last very long and was quickly removed, however.
Probably at the
behest of his PR reps or maybe he realized it would grab more attention to the subject.
Whatever the reason
we all now know what lies beneath.

Just a quick reminder fellow readers, "what goes around comes around."

Don't you all remember Rihanna's sex pics that were mysteriously leaked?

Yea... we all know who leaked them...

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  1. When I saw these, I was like..."Damn, now why would that little girl do that?!" BUT some sites labeled it as "an old ex girlfriend" had sent them, BUT then I thought, it COULDN'T have been old, cause he has the BLONDE hair and we ALL know that is not old...I THINK this was a publicity stunt LoL