Monday, October 19, 2009

*Designer Spotlight*

Designers: Eddie, Aje, Bree

Today, I came across a Summer 2010 collection by Aje. and I just can't get over how HOT this line is! Aje. was created by designers Eddie and Aje, and sister/financial expert Bree, to create a fashion line that is both uniquely creative and affordable. Each piece in their Summer 2010 line is both fresh, gorgeous, sexy, and innovative. This line def. makes you take a double look. Check out their full line and other well designed collections here Aje. Designs



  1. lol if joyful is your real name - kudos.

  2. I like that girls tat down her leg. Must have hurt.

  3. Yea that tat is hot! and Joyful is just my nickname lol....Joy is my real name