Monday, October 19, 2009

Wait A Minute.....

Here is Ciara wearing Biran Lichtenberg in May Celebrating her album release party...


 And here is her BFF Kim Kardashian wearing the same Brian Lichtenberg dress this week celebrating her 29th Birthday

[Photo Credit: Dave Protcor/IPHOTO/

 What do ya'll think.....Who wore it better???



  1. they look identical, even their hair is practically the same. I'm going to say Ciara wore it better only because I don't like the booties Kim has on. They chop off her legs

  2. so true! Not feelin the booties either.

  3. i thought i recognized that dress! umm i like them both...i love booties, but these probably would have been better with different attire...soo i'm gonna have to say Ciara

  4. those shoulder pads are killin me, but i actually like it on both of them