Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall chic

[Photo Credit: Humberto Carreno/Startraks]

I have to give it up to Kelly Ripa; with her being an on-the-go mom and her career, she still manages to always look so chic (and do I have to mention staying so tiny?!?!).

She is wearing all the trends I am in love with this fall!
[skinny jeans/tights and anything oversized]
I am obsessed with the whole neutral scene, and her look here, embodies exactly how to pull it off.
Decked all out in a neutral color palete, she brings to life an oversized sweater, platform pumps, and scarf all in different shades of grey. With added taste, she threw on a long pearly-grey necklace which compliments the colors in her look. It's all about accessories this season ladies. It's the little things that make an outfit. Just imagine how different this look could've turned if she didn't add the scarf, necklace, sunglasses and wore just plain flip-flops?

[definitely casual, BUT wouldn't have the same affect to me]

Accessories make or break an outfit. They can immediately pull together an otherwise simple look, and can take you out the door from drab to FAB! She finishes with a black motorcycle bag and big-rimmed sunnies! I love this look and it's so something I would wear and you at home can put together. This is just another inspiration to help your creative side come out.

Love you Kelly!

Trina[ ]

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