Thursday, October 1, 2009

How embarassing!!

As you all know this season of The City premiered this week. Of course I had to tune in, considering I love reality T.V lol. One of the new characters introduced in the drama filled reality show, was Roxy Olin. On the episode she was interviewing with Kelly Cutrone, the boss at People's Revolution (one of the most powerful PR firm's in the fashion biz). In part of her interview she said she worked with Rachel Zoe (a very notable name to drop, considering she's one of the most well-known celeb stylists). After the show aired fans of Zoe quickly bombarded her twitter asking about Olin working for her. Imagine my shock when Rachel posted this via twitter:

Basically Zoe said: "She never worked for me...lying is so not chic"

That's pretty pathetic the girl would lie, especially on national television. Even though the show's already done and filmed, I wonder if Kelly Cutrone knows about this.

What people do to get ahead.


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