Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All about the eyes

[photo credit:Credit: Francis Specker /Landov]

Don't you just love Eva's makeup? She is one of the many stars that always knows how to rock the smokey eyed look, and make her eyes the main focus. Nothing makes the eyes pop out more than a set of full lashes. Now, if you're not blessed with naturally long lashes or just want to pump up your look for going out, fake lashes are perfect! I've always wanted to try fake lashes, but was a bit hesitant because I didn't want them to fall off or look super fake. In the end, I decided to try out this trend and with a little practice it's actually not as hard as it looks.

These are the tools I used:

L'Oreal Extra Intense Black Liquid Liner Pencil

It's basically a gel/liquid liner in pencil form that just glides on so smooth, and stays put!
Super cheap and you can get it at any drugstore.
(Joyful and I mentioned it in a previous post)

Duo Eyelash adhesive

They have a supposed clear one,
 but I personally prefer the color toned one
because it looks like you have a bit of eyeliner on
 and the clear toned one sometimes doesn't always dry clear.
But you can experiment with either and see which you like better.

MAC #7 Lashes

I used these particular lashes because they give that dramatic effect
while still keeping it natural-looking.
They're about $13.00

The thing you have to remember is placing false lashes on is the last step! So once you've done all your regular face makeup and eye makeup, you're ready for the lashes. I lined the inner rim of my eyes with the eye liner as well as the top of my lash line. This helps so when you place the lashes you won't see a big old gap inbetween your real and fake lashes; basically it helps them look more natural. Take out your lashes and bend it a bit so that it can mold to your eye shape easier. Take a thin amount of glue and place it on the lashes, wait about 30 seconds or so [it adheres better to the skin if the glue dries and is a bit tacky], then place it as close to the lashline a possible. The trick isn't to be really agressive. You can take a Q-tip and press it into the lashline and pinch the real and fake lashes together. As an extra step you can add mascara to blend the two together but I didn't when I tried it.

My finished look:

I realize showing is better then telling so I found this really good youtube vid featuring a make up artist named Kandee showing how to put them on. She's super cute and knows what she's talking about:

And because I used Eva Longoria as an example, here's another one of her tutorials that show how to get that smokey-eyed 'Eva' look:

Try it out!
Tell us how it goes.
Remember practice makes perfect and if you do it right you'll have lashes for days :)

Trina[ ]

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  1. Love the look! I can never put on fake lashes,my eyelashes are too curly! :(
    Great blog btw ladies! :)