Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rocsi Does Honey Magazine

I love Rocsi from 106 and Park! She is looking so fly in this magazine! In the article for the mag she opens up a little about men, rumors, and Rocsi the person as opposed to Rocsi the personality:

“Rocsi the personality and Rocsi the person are two different people,” she says. And Rocsi the personality gets a lot of shit. She’s been called out of her name on blogs and trashed by commenters. It seems that everything about her is scrutinized — her wardrobe choices on 106th & Park, her ears when she pulls her hair back, and her alleged affair with Michael Misick, the former Premier of the Turks and Caicos Islands and LisaRaye’s current husband.

“I think a lot of these Web sites need a story.” Rocsi says. “They need to find somebody to pick on, and I just so happen to be one of those girls. I’ve always had that coming up against Free on a black network and not being black.”

And although she won’t discuss what her manager refers to as the “LisaRaye situation,” she did touch on her relationship choices. “With men in my life, I’ve always made good choices. I would love to think that. It’s just really hard to trust people, and that’s just coming from not knowing everybody’s intentions,” Rocsi says.

“I got where I’m at because of my work,” Rocsi insists. “I never had to lay on my back to get where I was. I come from a Latino background where family and the way we were brought up was very important. That’s how we conducted ourselves as ladies. But I’m glad I have great family members who know that I wasn’t brought up that way, to not be blinded by this industry.”

Can't argue with that! Classy!



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