Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ms. Kim Kardashian turns 29

Kim K. Celebrated her 29th birthday yesterday at TAO in Las Vegas and she was looking gorgeous as always!

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Reggie Bush couldn't make the birthday celebration because he is badly injured, however according to Kim was raving about how happy she is that they are back together. She even talked about them getting engaged before her 30th birthday.

Splitting up like that for a little while actually helped because we realized we missed each other too much to be apart. The second time around is definitely better. We are completely happy. We will get engaged!He knows the ring I’d like. We’ve looked at it together, and he knows what he’s going to do, so you will see it happen over the next year before my 30th.”

*Sigh* guess Bush will def. be off the market soon.


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  1. She looks amazing with her hair like that. love the dress. quicktrim must really work her figure looks fab