Sunday, January 30, 2011

Current Fixation: Michelle Phan Makeup Tutorials

Meet the newest queen of Vlogging...Michelle Phan! Also known by her YouTube name, Rice Bunny, Michelle has become a major name in the cyber beauty world.With videos hitting over 17 million viewers, Michelle has become an internet sensation! Sponsored by Lancome, featured guest blogs on, and being named Newcomer of the year by the WWD Beauty Buz award, Michelle is bound to have a bright future in the beauty industry.

We've been following Michelle on YouTube for awhile now and we must say one of my favorite vlogs has to be the Lady Gaga Bad Romance tutorial.
 She gives great advice, and she is absolutely adorable. Check out a couple of our favorite vlogs from Michelle.

'Barbie Look'

' Clean Look'

'Romantic Valentine'

Check out Michelle's YouTube page for more videos.


  1. Love Michelle Phan's video's, I agree she's great!
    Like the blog :)

    Why not check out my blogs too


  2. Love her videos! I watched her Lady Gaga pokerface look video to learn how to do my makeup for halloween 2009 and watched her Barbie one when I was planning on being Barbie last year.