Monday, January 24, 2011

MTV's "Skins"

 The latest racy teen drama from MTV "Skins" is taking heat from groups like the Parents Television Council for its overlly sexualed scenarios about teens and their exploits. In addition to hate from the Parents Television Council, six companies have withdrawn their advertisements from the show. (Schick, Subway, H&R Block, Taco Bell, Wrigley and GM)

What do you think of the show?

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  1. I'm in the UK where the show originated. I have to say that it's highly exaggerated but there was never any censorship or huge amount of controversy surrounding it.
    From my point of view, toned down a bit, this would actually be reality in the UK, or at least the UK version would be!

  2. That's interesting...America does tend to make drama out of a lot of things, so I'm not one bit suprised that it's not a huge controversy in the UK.